“Wo Meine Sonne Scheint // Tuinzigt”

Expositie in de voortuinen van Breda Tuinzigt

“Sounds of Breaking Windows II”

A radio salon on the human voice as an artistic means

“Sounds of Breaking Windows I”

A radio salon on the human voice as an artistic means

“Ich liebe die Logik &
die Logik liebt mich”

eine Ausstellung über open source Software von Mondstern

“The Storm Turning the Millstone”

Discursive Lunch about Open-Source seeds and software, commons within the arts and intellectual property rights.

“Bending Your Back Like This”

Exhibition and salon discussion talking about housing crises in Taiwan, Russia, Amsterdam-Bijlmer and Berlin from the perspective of the human body.

“I don't know what to do with it”

A salon about slow violence and the search for change, bringing together three projects which share a common struggle for ecological sustainability that is exceeding one’s life-span.

“Überheblichkeit eines Sandkorns”

Guided tour im Rahmen des Ausstellungsprojektes “Pöbeln I”. Dazu nerven Fundsachen wie Jacken, Taschen, Brotboxen ab und zu akustisch rum.

“Urbanism and the Cultural Cold War”

Round table discussion on the battle of ideologies between East and West Berlin that was fought out by means of cultural production during the Cold War period.

“Digital Archives and Artistic Praxis”

A Salon discussing topics regarding digital archives and artistic praxis. As the internet has become an ever bigger source of knowledge distribution and application; it has also become a place for artistic investigation and presentation...

“Tireless Line”

Expositie & symposium rondom hedendaagse tekenkunst.